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About Chasing The Carrot

So you might be asking, “Why Chasing The Carrot for a name?” It is actually pretty simple. Most small business owners put their whole life into their businesses and while the end goal may vary from person to person, in the end they are all looking for the proverbial “Carrot”. The carrot to many represents income or money. To others it represents freedom. Either way, many business owners have a vision of what their “Carrot” is but are not completely sure how to get it. That is where this site comes in.

My Story

I am a 39 year old entrepreneur who started my first business in my parent’s garage at the age of 17 and I have owned and partnered with several successful businesses since. All of my business ventures started with blood, sweat and tears. I never borrowed a penny for any business nor have I accepted offers from investors. I started each on a shoestring and always seemed to make them work. How? By being different. By understanding my customers. And by not being afraid to try new things.

Over the years, I have made a lot of mistakes, but each one lead to a solution that contributed to the businesses success. Each mistake was a learning process; an education of sorts. Since I do not have a fancy college business degree, I got my education the hard way; from trying, working hard, learning from my failures, and being unique and creative.

In addition to my own businesses, I have helped countless businesses revamp their marketing, internet, sales and customer relations processes to implement real-world solutions that are simple and effective. I spent many years studying the psychology of the offer, the consumer, and sales process. It was the little things that intrigued me like how come TV commercials use $19.99 rather than 20 bucks and how making your customers your friends will lead to long lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial to all?

So Why The ChasingTheCarrot.com Blog?

In this site, I will share my experiences, tips, ideas and solutions with you so that you can implement them into your business and learn from my trials and errors. I will provide you with solutions that will not cost much money or take a lot of time, but will yield solid results. I started this site to assist you in your sales, customer relations and marketing efforts so that you can concentrate on building your business.

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…And finally, please read this carefully!

I do not consider myself a guru, nor am I going to give you any “get rich quick” scemes to follow. Everything that I will talk about on this blog will require work and persistance on your part. But I can tell you from personal experience that I will not put anything on this site that has not been proven to work.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope that I can be of assistance helping you grow your business.



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