Parental Wi-Fi Control – Control Your Kids Wi-Fi Usage With The Touch Of A Button

By Erick Royer Our home is typical of many American households with a single Wi-Fi router that everyone shares in the house. Also typical of our house, are children that have many Wi-Fi devices including iPads, Xbox, iPods, etc. We have certain things that we expect of our kids including, bring respectful, keeping their rooms

What drives our decisions and actions?

To quote Anthony Robbins, “Everything we do in life can be attributed to two things; to avoid pain or to gain pleasure.”  Is it really that simple? In my opinion, yes it is! If you think about it, even the most minor or mundane things that you do in your life fall into these two […]

Book review: Crush It!: Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion

I love a good marketing brand; especially one that you can ask just about any person on the street about and they can identify with the campaign, person or company. I am always intrigued with campaigns that go viral or become a household name… companies like Geico, Nike, Amazon and more. However, if I were […]

What Do Your Customers Want? Tips on How to Get Them to Tell You

In all my years of selling one of the most frustrating things that I’ve had to find ways to overcome was dealing with customers who answer all of my questions with “I don’t know”. That immediately started the game of “OK then I will just start guessing.” You can avoid the guessing game by trying […]

Your Business or Your Job – Be Thankful For Your Opportunities

Out of the millions of people in the country that make the trek every day to work at an office, factory, store or some other business where they punch a clock and trade their time for money, you get up every day and work for yourself.  There is nothing better than that in my opinion. […]

How To Convert Cold Prospects Into Buyers – My Cold Prospect Action Plan

We have all experienced it in sales; one of our hot prospects turns cold.  It is not fun, but it is part of the game.  I have developed my Cold Prospect Action Plan that I have used time and time again to convert my cold prospects into buyers. There is nothing worse than having a […]

Web Research – How to Search a Website With Site:Search in Google

“Google” – Which it is? The massive website?  Or verb we use every day when we talk about searching for stuff online?  You’ve got to “Google it!” Google is very good at finding relevant content based on your search query, especially for broad searches. However, I know every time I use it, no matter what […]

Does My Business Need A Website?

In one word, yes! The Internet is the most effective marketing tool in existence and it gives your business the ability to reach far more people than paper flyer or advertisement in the local paper ever will. Should I build my own website? It all depends on your skills, if you have the ability to […]

How To Boost Sales – Five Tips To Overcome A Sales Slump

There is no worse feeling in your business or sales career when you see your sales numbers are declining. Even if you are a seasoned sales pro, the reality can send you into a panic mode. Over the past 10 years, I have had my fair share of slumps – more than I wish to […]

8 Ways To Get Prospects To Return Your Call

If your business or job requires you to make phone calls to prospects on a regular basis, then I am sure you hear the common response, “I’ll have to call you back”. The problem is, do they actually call back?  Here are 8 simple ways to increase the likelihood that you will get those callbacks. […]