8 Ways To Get Prospects To Return Your Call


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business_telephone_systemsIf your business or job requires you to make phone calls to prospects on a regular basis, then I am sure you hear the common response, “I’ll have to call you back”. The problem is, do they actually call back?  Here are 8 simple ways to increase the likelihood that you will get those callbacks.

As you review your call list, you probably have a bunch of notes telling you that they prospect said they will call back.  But do they call without any additional interaction from you? It is highly likely that they do not.

This often leaves you asking yourself, “How can I increase my callback percentage from prospects after my initial phone call?” After spending 20 years of my life as an entrepreneur, sales director and business development director, I have a few simple few strategies that will help stimulate your prospects to call you back. The following tips have been successful for me and it does not matter whether I am talking to a gatekeeper or leaving a voicemail:

ONE: Mention the exact item or point that you want to talk to them about.  “Mr. Johnson, I am very anxious to hear what you think about the proposal I sent to you last week.”

TWO: If someone referred you to the prospect, be sure to mention that person’s name more than once. It is important to start the call not by using your own name (“Hi, I am John Reeves”), but to use the persons name who referred you: “Larry Wilkes suggested that you might be interested in learning more about our product.” Be sure to end the call with, “As I mentioned, our mutual friend, Larry Wilkes, suggested that I call you.”

THREE: Be sure to state how his returning your call with benefit them. “If you can take a minute to return my call, I can better explain how our company can help you generate a higher closing ratio while ensuring that your customer service keeps your customers coming back.”

FOUR: Suggest a specific date and time for them to call you back or allow them to specify.  “I wanted to let you know that I will be in my office tomorrow between 9:00 and 1:00pm and I hope you will have an opportunity to call me then.”  By setting a callback window it eliminates the possibility of playing telephone tag.   You can also give the prospect the opportunity to set the call back time. “My email is _______ and if you would be so kind as to send me a short note with a date and time that would be best for you to talk?  I will be sure to keep my line clear at that time.

FIVE: Let them know you will keep their return call brief: “When you return my call, I assure you that I will not take any more than five minutes of your time.”

SIX: Keep your message to two or three concise sentences, even when speaking to a gatekeeper. If the secretary or your voicemail gives off the perception that you are long winded, then you are less likely to get a return call.

SEVEN: Connect yourself with their company: “I am very familiar with your company, especially your widget, because I have been using one now personally for almost two years.”

EIGHT: Be sure to give your cell phone number as an alternative way to reach you at a broader range of time. “In case it is easier for you to return calls before or after hours, here is my cell phone number.” This takes the pressure off of the prospect to call you back during the day when he/she is tending to other day-to-day business.

While none of these tips are rocket science, they are often overlooked by even the most seasoned sales professional. Practicing them and implementing often WILL result in a greater number of callbacks from prospects which can lead to more sales.

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