How To Boost Sales – Five Tips To Overcome A Sales Slump


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There is no worse feeling in your business or sales career when you see your sales numbers are declining. Even if you are a seasoned sales pro, the reality can send you into a panic mode. Over the past 10 years, I have had my fair share of slumps – more than I wish to remember.  Each time, it seems as if it was the worse thing ever.  The good news is that I have created 5 easy ways dig yourself out and turn things around.

Anyone who has been in sales for any length of time has experienced the dreaded slump, or downward curve in your sales.  If you have been through it, then I am sure you can remember that lump in your throat as you realize that you will need to really scramble if you have an hopes of making your sales goal or quota for the month.  This is a pretty overwhelming feeling and usually does not have you making the best decisions ad you start to sell out of desperation.

I can easily lecture you on how not to let your sales slump in the first place, but I would rather share these five easy tips that I have used successfully over the years.  Remember the good news is that it CAN be done and quickly at that. This does not come without prerequisites; you need to develop an action place, maintain a healthy and positive attitude and be motivated to get things done.  It is very possible that you already know some, or all, of these tips, but for some of you these may be brand new and either way I hope that they give you some new ideas.  I can tell you that these ideas work and if you seeing your sales decline, you will want to start here:

Attack the Low Hanging Fruit
Start by making a list of prospects that you feel you can get to close in the short term. This is not the time for the shotgun approach.  Instead think “rifle shot” and set your sights on the targets (or prospects) who can generate sales right away.

Get Feedback
It is important when you are in a sales slump, to remember that you need an honest evaluation of your abilities from someone who can maintain an objective view. Don’t ask your best buddy!  Ask your manager or someone of higher importance in the company. Ask that person to evaluate your sales performance and presentation and then pick their brain on ways that you can improve.

Read Everything
Being in a sales slump should motivate you to improve your skills and once you turn the slump around, I can bet you will never want to go back.  Reading everything you can get your hands on, is one way to help. Read sales books, articles, newsletters, and websites. Attend a seminar or a webinar or subscribe to a podcast on the subject. Take this opportunity to explore new techniques, learn of innovative tips and look for fresh ways to sell your prospects.

Don’t Play the Blame Game
When something starts to go wrong it is a natural reaction to try and post blame on someone or on yourself in your quest to look for answers. Since you cannot change the past, it really does not matter who is to blame. It’s natural to start looking for answers as to why you’re experiencing a slump. However, this isn’t the time to start blaming others or yourself. It doesn’t matter who or what is to blame. Your time and energy is better focused on developing strategies to improve your situation.

Implement Something New
The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. In sales, you will always see the same outcome if you always do the same things. You need to consider thinking outside the box and branching out. Explore new techniques, strategies, and methods. Who knows – you might just uncover a better, more successful way that will lead to better results.

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